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43 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
It has been a year since I had the breast surgery.
I've not had small breast, but I want to get bigger breast for the good looking so I decided to get ....
42 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
The Pretty Shaped Breast Surgery.
Now I have the full volume even I just wear the thin T-shirt without bra..After the surgery, The sho....
41 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
Isn't it uncomfortable to wear underwear?
It has been 7 months since I had breast surgery.I don't know if it's just me, it is so uncomfortable....
40 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
Breast Surgery Review
My Friends said I became the watermelon from the cherry.It's big like the watermelon.I like the size....
39 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
Water Drop Shape Breast Surgery.
I am known for unskilled to take the photo among my friends.I can't take the pretty photo like other....
38 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
Water Drop breast surgery.
When I decieded get breast surgery, I've wanted water drop shape from the beginning.Furtunely they s....
37 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
That's what I want to be!!
It's been few months since I had breast surgery.I was going to find the postoperation pics for posti....
36 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
The review of breast surgery with picture..
Although It has been only 3 months since I had surgery, I forget that I did it sometimes.Even when ....
35 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
Thank you dr. Bumjin park!
My friend who did breast surgery in iWELL recommended this hospital so I did the breast job iWELL as....
34 Breast Surgery 이미지입니다.
the review of a good shape and texture breast surgery.
It is really really good!!I don't have to say anything!These days the breast surgery is getting popu....


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Facial contouring face lifts.. 回复
Antiazing I have a question. 回复
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