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A month after breast surgery.

It's already been a month since I had a waterdrop breast surgery.

To put it in a nutshell, it's the New World. Before the surgery, there was a lot of worries about this, and it was too difficulted to decide.

After a month of surgery,

I had felt just embarrassed for the worried time

it's so natural, and I love it because it's so beautiful.

I'm still wearing pressure bra. because it's been just a month.

Even though my underwear is pressed my breast, I can see the shape of my body clearly!

I used to wear clothes, it felt rather a falt body.

But I'm happy to dress up these days. I can feel confident 

And my acquaintances didn't used to disagree about the surgery, but now they felt envy me and liked my breast. Even they want to do it.

I love my breast but I couldn't openly ezpressed.

I think it's amazing how my breast  shaped like a piece of gum can turn into a prettier shape.

I think, I did well.


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