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A man nose surgery review


I heard that iwell is famous for good surgery skills around me

So I didn't consult others hospitals. I just made a decision to got counseling right away to iWELL

My nose was not too big and I thought looking good before the surgery. But I had a lower nose, so I operated on my nose.

I don' want to stand out, I like it naturally.

I've heard a lot of rumors around him, but I didn't want the nose to heal, so I wanted my nose to be natural.

It's been over three months now.

The day after the surgery, the next day was swollen.

From the third day of the surgery, I could do breathing,

And I’m starting to feel better. After removing the tape from my nose, I felt relieved that I could see the result on the inside of my nose.

I didn't really know what the surgery was successful because of the tape.

Now that I've thought about it, I think I'd have done it before.

People think when the man undergoes plastic surgery, they have a preconception.

but they don't even look at them. I think it was my own thought.

If you're worried about getting surgery yourself among men, just take your courage that you feel confident.

I'm getting along very well.






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