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It's been 5 days since I operated Natural Adhesion Method♥

It's been 5 days since I operated Natural Adhesion Method

It took me maybe 4 hours to get to Seoul because I live in the regions.

So I had to find out about double eyelid surgery on the internet..

I didn’t want to waste time.

And I found a method of Natural Adhesion double eyelid surgery.

iWELL plastic surgery clinic is known for Natural Adhesion Method.

Therefore many people do the double eyelid surgery in this clinic.

I could get a lot of reviews.

So, these parts were attracted.

When I wnet to iwell for consultation It was as good as I imagined.

The doctor was so kind even He has much skill.

And I was consulted with Jin seongyeong general manager.

She explained concretely and she held my hand and took me to the operating room.

Is it so sweet?? I was soooo impressive,

It has been only 5 days!

So I am doing really hard to ice pack

After a while, If the swelling is gone then I'll give you another review. I love you. iWELL!



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