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3D zygoma reduction / square jaw , after 3 months.


3D zygoma reduction / square jaw , after 3 months^^

Actually I hadn’t had a big face but specially I had a protruding cheekbones

the shape of  my face was like boxy because of my square jaw.

So I did a cheekbones and jaw reduction surgery,

I am so nervous because The surgery is the first time, so I can't sleep properly.

And I think I’m going to be thinking about surgery every day.

If I have a time before the surgery. I looked at the data, and browse and analyze the reviews of the people who performed the surgery.

Moreover I found out how to remove the swelling quickly.

Finally, the time had came….that time, I was gonna get out of my heart.

When I lied down on the operating table I could loudly hear my heart beat.

But general manager took care of me so kindly. And held my hands. Only then I felt relax.

Maybe everyone is afraid of entering the operation room.

On the 2 days after the surgery. I got a big the swelling. It is worse than others.

Now I just passed almost 3 months it has almost gone.

And now it’s perfect v line face. I never thought I’d be a V line!

Even if I don’t want to get V line, I just wish to remove my square jaw

As you know before the surgery, I had a high cheekbones and square jaw,

so when I wear to clothes every times it looks so weird even seems tacky because of my face….

These days , I feel so happy and confident that l live in a fun life.

Also my friends told me I look so younger and prettier.

Thank you very much

Next time, I will to to see you the next six months


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