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I hear theses days my nose is been so pretty

My nose wasn't visible because of plaster and bandages, but I could feel a high.

It was wrapped in bandages, but somehow I felt proud.

2~3 days later, I had the swelling, and 4 days later, the swelling was getting low more and more!!.

And It's also visible in the eyes. it's easy to open.

Though I worried about it for a long time, I underwent surgery, but definitely changed my image and mood.

High nose? Low nose? It doesn’t matter!

I personally experience the importance of nose’s line

I strongly told doctor to make it natural

start before the surgery.

I'm so glad that the line naturally curved up.

I ‘d had not much swelling than I thought so I can go outside faster than I thought

My nose is so beautiful when I look at the side of the face.

My side of the face was really ugly, after the surgery I raised confidence

I’v heard a lot of attention lately.

Moreover my eyes grow bigger.

So everybody asks me to do double eyelid surgery too

I'm 200 percent satisfied with the fact that I've been pretty recently!

I want to maintain this condition because I am better at managing it.

Thank you very much for your kindness, Park Bum-jin.

And general manager of coordinator the name is no

Thank you very much for welcoming me whenever I go.

Have a good day!!




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