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Natural Adhesion Method , Fat Grafting after a month and half :-)


Natural Adhesion Method , Fat Grafting  after a month and half

I saw the big swelling just until a week , although I can see the swelling but I like my eyelid and a full cheeks.

And I did’t have a chin so I got a surgery for chin implant and I get a v line face
moreover my friends said that now you got a small and slender face after the fat grafting.

But before the surgery I really consider to the fat grafting surgery because I thought when I get a surgery I would be bigger face

But definitely now is better

And I did a Natural Adhesion Method double eyelid

Because I had multiple eyelids line

But I realize that it is not eyelid, it’s a winkle!!!

doctor told me about this information

Anyway I didn’t know than I just got a surgery but now I am really satisfied with the result.

After the surgery I couldn’t wash my face so I got a really oily face  and feel like so dirty but I just take it because for my beauty.

I think It is perfect totally can makeover
And Natural adhesion Method looks natural with natural adhesion of muscles that opens eyes under the skin.

So it can subside the swelling faster

Theses days I am so happy because I improve my image like smooth and looks younger :-)



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