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I got Fat Grafting surgery!!!


I had no flesh on my face but if I gain weight I didn’t stand out on my face.  I ‘v liked this point!
However when I am getting older nowadays it was terrifying.
Because it looks older and listless.
So I determined the fat grafting surgery of full face.
I felt scary until the operation day.
But it was already finished while asleep.
Actually I’m such a crybaby.
So I got a pain thighs than face however after 3~4 days it is naturally gone.
And I worried about my swelling. it is also naturally gone after 2~3 weeks.
If somebody ask me can you do this again?
My answer is definitely yes!!
My favorite part of my face is my forehead.
It was so bumpy but after the surgery It is really smooth!!!
All my friend talk to me so prettier than before.
I am so satisfied.
These days I tie up hair back all the time.
When I got the surgery I was so nervous but I don’t have to worry about that
I am satisfied with the result again that I recovered faster than I thought, and I think it's natural and beautiful.
I really appreciate Iwell!!♥




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