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Life was so hard for a year
Life was so hard for a year. I was only thinking about getting prettier at  the surgery room then fell asleep through the anesthesia hehehe. After surgery I got may face wrapped in bandage it felt burned and made me confused hahaha. I hate that I couldn’t eat meat after that. Although I was thankful for the soup and porridge my mum made for me, it wasn’t taste good hahaha. The doctor was really nice he deserved a praise, even my scary dad said I’m pretty haha. I can eat meat now, though I have problem chewing squid or gums, but I don’t feel like eating them too haha. Anyway the surgery went well, I think I’m not good at writing this kind of stuffs haha. Thank you to the doctor! I’m not sure whether I’ll get my nose job done, if I will then I’ll find you!


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