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Prasie iWELL's Double eyelid surgery.

Before the surgery

After the surgery 1

After the surgery 2

That's my first operation in my life.
So I had no choice but to get anxiety.
However, in the event, it was a waste to feel worried;;;;

but it is the real operation when I lied down the operation bed,
I was being nervous,
That time, the doctors and nurses were to console me beside me, and until the end the surgery they were being kind me.
 I really appreciate it.
I saw the warmth in the cold operating roomKKK
At any rate, the surgery was not painful at all, and it didn't hurt even if the anesthetic had worn off.
The eye surgery seems to be okay.
If I do the surgery again, I can not wince and do it again.
But I don't need to do it again, because, now, my eyes are really beautiful.
It has been almost 2 months since I had the surgery.
I am really really satisfied my eyes!!
I recommend iWELL to people around meKKK
Thank you for making pretty eyes!!


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