HOMESpecialized ClinicFreshman Plastic Surgery

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  • Natural Adhesion Double Eyelid Surgery

    • Natural double eyelids as if they were always there
  • Magic Medial / Lateral Epicanthoplasty

    • Optimize effects of larger, more vivid eyes
  • Natural Adhesion Ptosis Correction

    • Intensify sleepy eyes
  • 3D Sculpt Rhinoplasty

    • For a perfect line viewed at any angle

Natural double eyelids and tall nose as if they were always there

What is iWELL’s Freshman Plastic Surgery?

Following the end of entrance exams,
many graduates seek plastic surgeons to remove physical insecurities.
iWELL believes that successful cosmetic surgery is about enhancing
the beauty of existing facial features while maintaining harmony. With iWELL’s Freshman Plastic Surgery,
it’s possible to start campus life fresh-faced with new and improved beauty.

Who needs
iWELL’s Freshman
Plastic Surgery?

  • 01Seeks to start college
    or university life with
    enhanced beauty
  • 02Feels insecure
    by small eyes
  • 03Seeks visible
    but natural results
  • 04Has articulated to programs
    of the following: aviation,
    performing arts,
    secretarial training, hotel
    management, etc.
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