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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Become the celebrity you’ve always wanted to be!

  • Find the image
    that’s right for you
  • Minimize flaws
  • Optimize
    positive attributes
  • Discover new and
    improved beauty

What is iWELL Celebrity Plastic Surgery?

Even though you are not a celebrity awaiting debut, this adaptive plastic surgery is
applicable to anyone aspiring to become more aesthetically captivating.

iWELL Celebrity Plastic Surgery Style
  • Feline (Cat-Like)

    • Natural Adhesion Double Eyelid Surgery
    • Upper Lateral Epicanthoplasty
    • 3D Sculpt Rhinoplasty
    • 3D Cheekbone Reduction
    • 3D Square Jaw Reduction
    • She, who is alluring and sophisticated
      • · Large, dramatic double eyelids with slightly taut eyes
      • · Tall and pretty nasal line
      • · Sleek, smooth V-shaped face
    • All these features perfectly harmonized
    • presents a sexy cat-like beauty
    Natural Adhesion Double Eyelid Surgery
    · Refreshing, westernized eyes via outline design
    Upper Lateral Epicanthoplasty
    · For those wanting larger eyes but have narrow glabella
    (space between eyebrows)
    3D Sculpt Rhinoplasty
    · Sculpture-like nose harmonized with the face
    3D Cheekbone Reduction
    · Smooth out and modernize kitschy, protruding cheekbones
    3D Square Jaw Reduction
    · Slim down angular chins to a nice V-shape
  • Canine (Puppy-Like)

    • Natural Adhesion Double Eyelid Surgery
    • Lower Lateral Epicanthoplasty
    • Under Eye Love Band
    • Quick Cheekbone Reduction
    • V-line Lifting
    • Innocent and lovely
      • · Appropriately sized double eyelids and soft eyes
      • · Natural “half-sock” nose
        (lifted slightly upwards at the tip)
      • · Soft V-shaped face
    • All this features perfectly harmonized
    • presents a cute puppy-like beauty
    Natural Adhesion Double Eyelid Surgery
    · Soft, natural eyes via in-outline design
    Lower Lateral Epicanthoplasty
    · Establish soft, innocent eyes by lowering taut eyes
    Quick Cheekbone Reduction
    · Even out protruding 45 degrees cheekbones
    Under Eye Love Band
    · Complete a lovely eye smile
    V-line Lifting
    · Get a slim chin without undergoing elaborate bone surgery
Who needs iWELL Celebrity Plastic Surgery?
  • 01 Wants to be
    to become beautiful
  • 02 Expects of
    dramatic results
  • 03 Works in the show
    business or wants to
    be an aspiring celebrity
  • 04 Occupation requires
    frequent appearances
    before cameras
    or television
  • 05 There is an existing
    example of who the
    patient aspires
    to resemble
  • 06 The patient seeks
    a resolute look
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