HOMESpecialized Clinic Flight Attendant Plastic Surgery

The cherry on top to flights: kind flight attendants
Prepare for your first flight with a graceful, confident smile!

  • With competition rates as high as 1000:1,
    How can you distinguish yourself?
  • iWELL Plastic Surgery is committed to this
    project of creating positive, confident first impressions

Poised foreheads and elegant facial features will neutralize the harsh slick-back hairstyle.

  • Forehead Volume

    Up-do’s are no setback for
    volumized foreheads
  • Natural Adhesion
    Double Eyelid Surgery

    To achieve natural
    but vivid eyes
  • Heart-Line Fat Grafting

    Establish a bright
    and radiant look

What is iWELL’s Flight Attendant Plastic Surgery?

iWELL has synthesized the struggles and concerns of aspiring flight attendants
and the desirable characteristics of current flight attendants.
The common thread amongst flight attendants is they possess a pristine and sophisticated, yet natural beauty.

With iWELL’s Flight Attendant Plastic Surgery, the dream of a first flight comes within arm’s reach.

  • +
    Heart-Line Fat Grafting Transform to obtain a
    lively and fresh-faced look
  • +
    Forehead Volume
    Augmentation Obtain a volumized
    forehead to give a
    soft impression
  • +
    3D Sculpt RhinoplastyEstablish a perfect side
    view of the face from
    forehead to chin
  • +
    Natural Adhesion
    Double Eyelid Surgery No scarring, no suspicion!
    Scarless double eyelids will
    seem more natural
    than ever

Who needs iWELL Flight Attendant Plastic Surgery?

    • For those preparing to be flight attendants, newscasters, secretaries
    • For those seeking to work in the service sector
    • Indented foreheads with dark or dull impressions
    • Failing interviews to become flight attendants
    • For those who desire a soft, personable impression
    • Those who look kitschy due to low nose bridges and a lack of definition in features
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